Menajem Benchimol

Consultant Menajem Benchimol is originally from Colombia and is a Latin America focused blockchain technology expert. He is a founder of, an education, consulting and investment company. Menajem has substantial experience reviewing and using cryptocurrency platforms, mining and ICO mechanics. Prior to joining Ross PLLC, Menajem created and promoted content for Huobi Global in different online media, for the millennial audience. In addition, he wrote and delivered extended training programs in Latin America for the University of Berkeley, California, under the auscpices of “Blockchain for Berkeley.” At Ross PLLC, Menajem conducts research and assists clients with reviewing and evaluating business opportunities, and creates tailored in-house training programs for clients.

Yeshiva University, Business Studies, head organizer YU Hackathon
Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, Business Management and Marketing
DataCamp accreditation in R, Python and SQL

[email protected] / +1-786-376-1114

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